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LLC Production and commercial company ROMA

LLC Production and commercial company ROMA was founded on 5 of April,1994. Nowadays the company employs over 800 experts.

The main guidelines of the company's activity are the business of IT technologies and paper business. For 20 years we have gained wide experience in high-tech market. The following systematic information will allow you to acquaint with the Roma company.

  1. The main guidelines of System Integration Department activity is the creation of complex solutions, as well as delivery and maintenance of various equipment for enterprises and organizations of Ukraine. Among many solutions and products that department offers customers, should note the following:
  • design and construction of data processing centers (DPC);
  • complex solutions for data storage;
  • solutions for uninterrupted power supply;
  • decisions in the field of access control systems (ACS), CCTV;
  • print solutions;
  • marking of products using bar codes or radio frequency identification (delivery and service of the equipment for printing or labels programming, as well as supplies for it, and labels);
  • design and construction of structured cabling systems using optical and copper cables.
These decisions are based on the equipment of leading world manufacturers:
  • mobile computers (notebooks, PDA, etc.) which produced by IT-industry world leaders - HP / Compag, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and others;
  • personal computers, servers and graphic workstations manufactured by IT-industry world leaders - HP, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, Lenovo and others;
  • duplicating equipment, engineering and printing systems, professional scanners and plotters, Xerox, Oce, HP, Canon, Minolta, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, OKI-Microline, Ricoh, Gestetner, etc;
  • Line dot-matrix Printers Printronix, Oki;
  • telecommunication equipment - mini, office, and departmental PBX equipment for data transmission channels of communication, active equipment for structured cabling systems;
  • delivery of various software (operating systems, office products, anti-virus packages, graphics packages, etc.).
As well as on the equipment of our own production(servers, graphic workstations, personal computers), which are presented on the Ukrainian market under its own brands: "Roma PC", "Roma Server", ROMATM ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA.

There are highly qualified specialists, test and measurement equipment, vehicles, warehouses and laboratories for projects in the Department of System Integration.

To improve service levels and customer service we established an affiliated chain and logged more than 50 service centers in all regions of Ukraine.

Distribution Department has direct contracts for the supply of goods by several leading international manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Corsair, Benq, NVIDIA, Pioneer, CoolerMaster, Gainward, ModeCom, Hercules, Biostar, Belkin, AOC, Chicony, KingMax, Beholder, etc). On the basis of these contracts, the department carries out distribution and delivery of computer hardware and peripherals to all regions of Ukraine.

The Paper Department realizes selling and delivering by wholesale and small wholesale to all regions of Ukraine the following products:

  • fanfold paper in the foot, perforated roll, 210, 420, 240 mm-class Super Lux, Norma, Econom;
  • formatted paper (A4, A3), produced in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Slovakia;
  • cash register tape and paper for fax machines;
  • coated, Business Card paper;
  • web offset, newsprint and sack paper;
  • colored paper of different density;
  • paper engineering systems and plotters trademark "RIP".
Above mentioned products are manufactured by "Roma"paper mill, which is a part of Roma companies group. The paper mill production capacity is capable to produce a diverse range of paper products in large volumes. A particular attention is paid to the product quality, which produced, according to the standards of raw materials conservation and finished products.

Company's Recognition and reward

Acropolis Ainol AOC
ASRock BIOSTAR Cooler Master
Corsair Delux EVGA
HIS KWORLD LG Electronics
Mustek. MUST PLEXTOR Ramos
Samsung Electronics TakeMS HIPRO
TopView TUCANO Viewsonic

2003 - the Roma Company took 7th place as the largest supplier of computer equipment in Ukraine in the rating of "Investment newspaper".

2004 - the Roma Company received the diploma "The leaders of public procurement" in the contest, which was performed by "Journal of public procurement in Ukraine" together with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

2005 - Company "Roma":

  • received the diploma of "Guard of rating business project Guard", which is held by the publishing house" Galitsky contracts" and the Rating agency of Ukraine;
  • the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "The best organization in the government procurement - 2005" in "Best supplier of the goods" and "For the strength in dealing with controversial issues." The contest is held by association "Businessmen and Industrialists - suppliers of goods and services for state needs", involving the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • took 9th place among companies that work in the IT market in Ukraine based on the results of analytical agency "IDC";
  • won 44th place among the industrial enterprises of various branches and all forms of ownership in Zaporozhye region.

2006 - Company "Roma":
  • won 11th place in the Ukrainian rating program "Guards. High-tech"
  • received the title "The best domestic goods manufacturer of 2006" according to the results of the contest, which conducted the National Ekspotsentr Ukraine.
  • received a diploma and medal winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "Best Domestic Product of the Year - 2006" for personal computers, servers, and paper products of own production.

2007 - Company "Roma":
  • recognized as the winner of the nationwide competition "The highest standard" for excellent quality and competitiveness of the self-produced computer equipment .

2008 - Company "Roma":
  • Won the All-Ukrainian competition of quality products "100 best goods of Ukraine". In the category "industrial consumer goods" among the best products of the Zaporozhye region called hardware-software complex "Avtobaza 2007" which is development by company "Roma."
  • The "Guard" program published a ranking of brands. The ROMA PC Brand entered to the top of 200 most expensive.
  • The"Galitsky contracts" Publishing House published regular annual rating "Guards 500. The Richest Companies of Ukraine". According to the rating the Roma company, was among the top three of domestic IT production and now occupies a second place.
  • Ukrainian Rating Agency and the "Galitsky contracts" Publishing House prepared list of the most innovative companies in Ukraine. In the group of "High technology. Producers" ROMA company took the third position among the largest companies in this segment.

2009 - Company "Roma":
  • Won the All-Ukrainian competition of quality products "100 best goods of Ukraine". The "Hotel Manager" hardware-software complex which is development by company "Roma was mentioned In the "services and activities"category among the best products of the Zaporozhye region".
  • The "Guard"All-Ukrainian rating journal. "500 richest companies in Ukraine" took 12th place in the category "Infrastructure sector".
  • The"Guard” All-Ukrainian rating journal. "Corporate brands of 2009." Won 194th place in the rubric "The most expensive corporate brands in Ukraine" and 12th place in the "Information Technology"category.
  • The “Guard” All-Ukrainian rating journal. "Top leaders" took third place in the "Information Technology Market" category.
  • The InvestGazeta financial and analytical weekly magazine. "TOP-100 rating Largest companies of Ukraine" Company took 7th place in the "Distribution and traders “section.
  • The InvestGazeta financial and analytical weekly magazine. "TOP-100 rating. The best top - managers of Ukraine" (RENEV V.V.) took 12th place in the "Distribution"heading.
  • Rating of PC Week / UE. "Systems integration and consulting", won 7th place in the "Olympus system integration” category.

2010 - Company "Roma":
  • The InvestGazeta financial and analytical weekly magazine.TOP-100 Rating of the largest companies in Ukraine. The Roma Company took 8th place in the “Distribution and trade” category.
  • The InvestGazeta financial and analytical weekly magazine. "Business leaders in Ukraine. “10 years of Ukrainian development economy" the Roma company won 6th place in the "Distributors and dealers in the PC" section.

Certificates of compliance and quality, the availability of own production

LLC Production and commercial company ROMA has a certified production and it is a national manufacturer of "ROMA PC" personal computers brands and "ROMA Server"servers trademark.

The products of "ROMA PC" and "ROMA Server" brands have the UkrSEPRO certificate (№ UA 1.003.0163508-08, UA 1.003.0163510-08, UA 1.003.0136801-08, UA 1.003.0163506-08) and the conclusion of the State Sanitary - № 05.03.02-04/40047 epidemiological examination of the possible use of products in diverse industries.

Our quality management system meets the requirements of STU ISO 9001-2009 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements" , that confirm the following certificate № UA 2.002.03874-09.

Our environmental management system meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 14001-2006 "Environmental Management Systems. Requirements and application guide" , that confirm the following certificate SIS.03.008.186.

The Roma company is an official partner of many global equipment and component parts manufacturers and has a certificate of conformity for products that are supplied by these companies.

LLC Production and commercial company ROMA is constantly updating range of computers which produce according to the customer requirements, new components admission and market requirements. We draw direct costumer's attention to our offer of family workstations, servers, graphics workstations, Series: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Tau. In 2008, produced rebreyding.

Quality control is carried out at the production stage and meets the requirements of TU 21620976.001-99 holds mandatory testing of manufactured computers and mandatory entrance control components. Appropriate laboratory responsible for the introduction of new innovative technologies.

Development and installation of structured cabling systems

LLC Roma Company performs development, installation and certification of structured cabling systems. The right to perform these works is granted by the license issued by National Committee of Ukraine for Issues Relating to Architecture and Construction № АВ 516783.

Quality Management System meets requirements of Ukrainian national standardization system ISO 9001-2009 "Quality Management System. Requirements" (confirmed by the certificate № UA.2.002.03874-09) and environmental management system of Ukrainian national standardization system ISO 14001-2006 "Environmental management system. Requirements and application guidelines" (confirmed by the certificate № SIС.03.008.186).

LLC Roma Company has experience and all the necessary equipment needed to install copper and fiberglass cabling systems for tasks solutions of different complexity and also has the right to certify these cabling systems, providing the customer with 25 years guarantee confirming capacity of the cabling system. We cooperate with all famous manufacturers of this sphere, that is: AMP, Crone, Molex, Marsall, DKC, Kopos, Schroff, REHAU, ОКNet ("Odeskabel") and others. Equipment of Cisco, HP, D-link, Zyxel and other manufacturers is used as active components.

Service center

"Roma-Service" service center is operating for more than 10 years and has gained huge experience in service maintenance of computer and household appliances. Currently Roma-Service is one of the largest service centers in Ukraine. All necessary conditions are provided for qualified and operative service maintenance of major and appliances; audio, video, computer and office equipment and mobile phones. www.roma-service.com.ua

Center dispose all necessary sources and spare parts to perform orders. The Service Centre State includes high qualified specialists, studied in educational centers of such famous companies as Samsung, LG, Sony, Epson, HP, APC, Brother, Minolta, Xerox and received the necessary qualification, sertificated by the above companies-producers.

Some kinds of technics need very specific equipment for maintenance, for example, computers with specific interface through which all regulations are actually made. Availability of up-to-date repair and diagnostic equipment enable qualified guarantee and post-guarantee service of different kinds of modern technics.

"Roma-Service" is an authorized service partner of many companies - world leaders of computer industry. Service center of the company - "Roma-Service" has:

    Direct contracts - Samsung, LG, Sony, Canon, Gorenje, BBK, Philips

    It is also a partner for maintenance of such worldfamous brands as: Acer, APC, Asus, Belinea, Biostar, Brother, Epson, Gainward, Gestetner, HANNS-G, HP, Konica-Minolta, Lexmark, MAG, MSI, Powerware, Prestigio, Ricoh, Reellex, Supra, ViewSonic, Whirlpool, Xerox.

    Spectrum of maintenance:

    • office equipment;
    • household appliances;
    • conditioners;
    • telephony;
    • filling and restoration of cartridges of all types;
    • consumables f selling or all types of printers;
    • Technical support of printers, computers and copying equipment.
    Also let us note that in 2004 the branch office of "Roma-Service" was opened in Melitopol. And in 2007-2008 on the basis of "Roma" Service Centre two exclusive service centers Samsung and LG were opened. They carry out guarantee and post-guarantee services of all spectrum of technics produced by Samsung and LG companies.

"Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" - retail network

Roma Company sells its computers through The "Computer World" retail network. This network accounts 20 shops in: Zaporizhzhya, Energodar, Berdiansk, Melitopol, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of our country. The "Computer World" shops offer all spectrum of IT-products of all well-known producers of modern electronics.

The first shop "Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" wsa opened in Zaporizhzhya on 10th of December 1999.

2000 - the second shop in the city is opened

2002 - 5 shops work in Zaporizhzhya

2003 - shops in Berdiansk and Melitopol are opened

In May 2005 starts its work new area "Photo World" - all spectrum of service in field of image processing and photo printing. Till the end of the year 4 digital photolaboratories work in Zaporizhzhzya and its region.

2006 - shop in Energodar is opened. "Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" network is one of the biggest trade nets in Eastern region.

2007 - trade network continue its dynamic development

In 2008 "Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" network improved its market position and now has 20 shops in Eastern region and 6 digital laboratories.

2009 - one more shop in Zhaporizhzhya is opened

2010 - shop in Dnepropetrovsk is open

"Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" network is one of the biggest in South-Eastern region of Ukraine. Here you may buy all spectrum of computer, office, digital, audio and video technics, software, consumables, paper products, specialized literature and to get all spectrum of computer service.

It's pleasantly to note that almost 90% customers of "Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" become our permanent customers. Efficiency, flexibility through prism of quality that is what "Komp'uterniy Vsesvit" retail network offeres today.


Company has its own warehouses, laboratories and a vehicle fleet - more than 20 vehicles, which deliver equipment and goods to our customers all over Ukraine.

Our company is always open for fruitful cooperation.

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